Customer Reviews

  • Loud and Proud - Superb Mastering Tool

    by AreG
    The bx_XL gives you that "mastered" sound and goes insanely loud and clear without squashing/distorting your mix. Setup requires a few more seconds than traditional multiband limiters/maximizers. The key is setting the Mid Lo/Mid Hi Crossover Frequency and input level correctly and using the ingenious (!) XL knobs. Very flexible mastering tool. I use the word "tool" because the bx_XL is so much more than just a limiter - the m/s and monitoring functionalities are absolutely superb. You can even disable the limiter in the bx_XL and use it to balance your mix (m/s). There is no doubt that Plugin Alliance is the new überstandard for ITB mastering.
  • bx_XL V2

    by Derek
    It works perfectly! I was worried when I saw the review about the distorted low end and so I checked it thoroughly. No problem - works like a bomb.This id a very good mastering and mixing limiter - it really does what the write-up says. As with all the Brainworx stuff - quality and efficiency and features that other manufacturers don't provide which just make your job easier!
  • Please revise this plugin

    by Mondstein Records
    The distortion in the bass band in awful. Every time the level hits the threshold there is a huge distortion which makes it impossible to limit the low frequencies. The idea ist superb but the implementation must be updated. For this price I like to have something with outstanding sound quality, so please revise this plugin.
  • The best thing

    by Kristianzhe
    This is the best thing happened to me musically ever to discover Plugin Alliance & the M/S mastering mode. So much clearer sound & total control. With this limiter you can with ease master your tracks to a professional level. The best thing is that it does not sound squashed at all! Top Product!