Customer Reviews

  • Strong Tone nice to bring life & texture to elements

    by Elliott S.
    All is said in the subject of this review... The Lindell TE-100 has a pretty strong tone and i find it pretty cool to bring more life into some elements or a bit more color.
    It also feel's great to tweak on the touchscreen with this 60"s vibe UI.
  • Game Changer

    by Diarm
    There are lots of EQ's out there. Some are great to shape a sound, others give it power, this however does something else.
    The sound of the TE-100 is unique.
    When you start using it you want to put it on everything. I was working on a drum track earlier and found myself transported to Hansa in Berlin during the Heroes/Low sessions of the mid 70's.
    There is nothing digital about this gear. If you are attempting to get as close to an analog sounding recording as is possible then this will help you a great deal on your journey.
    Thank you to Lindell and Plugin Alliance for helping me realise the sounds I can hear in my head.
  • The Best Plugin for Bass

    by Jungle
    There is no other Plugin that I have used that comes close to the sound that this imparts on bass. Easy to use and absolutely delicious.
    All around... One of my favorite plugins. Unique.
  • ASMR

    by mmmTortik
    TE-100 gives me frisson/asmr feeling when used on bass.
    Smooth and dreamy sound.
    Interface looked odd at first but it's actually easy to use.
  • This is crazy!

    by The Pooh
    It’s pretty unbelievable how many mind blowing plugs PA has to offer! This one is no exception... as previously stated numerous times, this plug has lots of analog mojo built into it. It’s super easy to use and surprisingly versatile. It’s worked on every track I put it on... although it’s mostly very minor tweaks, the mojo factor is what mostly comes through... and I like it!
    Emmanuel and Tobias... team genius.
  • Lindell TE-100

    by KC
    This is the EQ I keep coming back to the most for my mastering chain. It's quick and easy to dial in to get a classic vintage tone that's punchy, warm, airy and crisp. I love this EQ!
  • T-100 in mastering

    by MixMax
    I was struggling to get that rich and defined sound out of my mastering of a new song when I decided to try the T-100. Just half a dB here and there and the song blossomed!
    I'm so happy I had the opportunity to discover that new plugin! Thank you!. I specially love the shelvings when abused :)
  • Color and Tone Weapond

    by Hitplacemusic Studio
    This its my secret weapon in mi mix to overdrive a mix and make color i dont know how but always makes e smile thanks
  • Seeee magic

    by Psysword
    Magic folks. Throw it on. Push a few bottoms and I feel like a 70 year old mastering expert. The things that this puppy can do. Sizzle at 4khz. Bass at will but this sizzle will cut through the mix. Insane awesome. Bloody beautiful. I know nothing of its history. But this is a mastering tool that is now in my mastering chain permanently, though it can used on any track too. Black box, vsm3 all add color progressively and attack different shelves. Buy.
  • colorful

    by nt
    great eq for vibe and colour, but would benefit greatly from an M/S mode