Customer Reviews

  • Amazing sounding

    by Gardly
    amazing sounding and very musical eq! my go-to for bass now!
  • bang for my buck!

    by Mchangani
    This plugin works on everything! takes no time to figure out what you want and more. my drum/vocal/ buss always has this!
  • Stunning character, extremely useful

    by JW
    Analog modeling is really advancing. I've used a lot of analog modeled EQs and have been immunized from the associated hype, but I keep trying new ones just to stay abreast of what's out there. I was not expecting much different when I demo'd this, but I was genuinely impressed - this plugin really stands out. It has rapidly become my go-to sweetening EQ. Just insert it without any shaping on a kick or even the whole mix and it imparts a tone that sounds better than most tube-style saturators. It's excellent for bringing out a lovely, edgy presence on synths - just crank the high band to the max with 12db slope and +20db, and it saturates instead of linearly boosting, in a way that is just exceptionally pleasing. This plugin means warmth, presence, and edge in a way that stands far out among competing EQs. The interface is unique and inspires different settings than you would otherwise use for a normal parametric interface. I do wish I had more control of the band ranges at times, but I find that in practice the constraints are what push you towards results that are unexpectedly sweet.
  • best plugin!

    by DearVR
    best plugin for mixing and voiceover operations!!! very useful for adding space !well done !!!
  • Lovely TE-100

    by Adomas Tyloje
    The TE-100 suddenly became one of my favorite and frequently used equalizers, especially for shaping master bus, if you're searching for warm and clear sound, TE-100 will acompany you for crafting the warmness of recorded or synthesized sound. I'm enjoying the TE-100 character and warmth a lot !
  • Lindell TE-100

    by Bobbo G
    This thing is amazing. Adds wonderful harmonics to the signal. Very musical fat bottom and airy highs without harshness. I love the lack of any visual reference, such as curves, bells and stuff. Without visual approaching to the eq one have to explore by ear, in territories maybe you wouldn't consider. It's a must on my vocals stem since I had it.
  • lovely eq

    by stringtheory
    yes, i have too many eqs...this is a really lovely one, makes it easy to make a good sound even better with subtle use, bringing things out and shaping sounds to fit in a mix; also on busses and subgroups to "glue things together" as they say...
  • TE100

    by theghostorchestra
    Feel compelled to add my voice saying how brilliant this EQ is. Want your bass to warm and throb? Your hi hats to silkily sizzle? Your vocal to be present? Your mix to expand? This is the one. Not since PSP’s Vintage Warmer have I come across anything as good as this. I was working with the leader of the violins from the Royal Opera House on a project - played back the mix and he said “excellent”. Then I turned the TE-100 back on. “What the hell did you just do? Sounds amazing!”
  • TE-100

    by GPiazza
    A few years ago, most ITB EQs used essentially the same algorithms, & on many forums the idea that purchasing numerous EQ plugins was a waste of money.
    Not so today. EQ modeling has undergone a quantum leap.
    The TE-100 is one example of an EQ plugin that doesn't sound like anything else. It has a unique, cool saturation, along with a hint of compression and a spectacular 3-D like quality.
    Highly recommended when you need a track to standout and to add life to a flat digital recording through a generic converter based pre-amp.
    A real pleasure!
  • Smoothest Top End

    by Aidan Brock
    The 6dB/octave shelf boost provides for the smoothest top end boost I have yet encountered on an EQ. It allows me to make things nice and bright without any harshness that one could expect from most other EQs.