Customer Reviews

  • TE-100

    by Alex Hepting
    I use it for tube distortion or as a driving eq. It gives an excellent choice of options for frequency selection. Not so heavy in processing could be used in a session multiple times in a creative way for mixing as a sort of 'channel strip'.
  • Smooth as they come

    by Protoculture
    Kinda amazed at how smooth this EQ sounds. It's a little strange at first due to the slightly weird interface but as far as Pultec style EQ's are concerned, this is amazing. Super warm bottom end and the highs just add something magical to your tracks. Five stars!
  • Awesome

    by A. Resende
    Creamy Low-end and Top-end. Really beautiful sounding plugin. It is now on my mastering chain.
  • Lindell TE-100

    by Ebro
    Yes, this is something else, I love the lo-eq part specially, and as an allvays somethig new seaching guy I am so exited about the middle part and its geometry, how it works. Sweet sounding EQ, yesss.
  • Lindell Audio TE-100

    by Domenico
    i am proud to have the te-100 in my collection, if you consider how rare the hardware is to be seen.
    thank you again plugin alliance :-)
  • TE-100 = BEST

    by Goldenchild / WM
    I'm gonna be short get this plugin.. This EQ plugin has all the analog mojo, just putting it on a track makes it clearer. The low end & high end boost is soo sweet.. If you want clarity and a polish sound this is the one.
  • Nice Plugin

    by Richard
    I never tried the original from Klein & Hummel so i can't say if it's just like the original. But i do like the nice warm character the plugin is giving to my tracks. Try it out the demo and decide for yourself
  • eq with vibe

    by audio360
    This EQ has serious mojo. Deep and punchy low end couple with silky smooth top end... a mix bus must!
  • Warm and beautiful color

    by AreG
    I decided to test this beast while mastering and was totally blown away. The warmth and color of the TE-100 is unlike any of my other favorite mastering EQs, yet intuitive like a Pultec. This is an EQ with a lot of character and I love it - exactly what I’ve been missing !
  • Just demo this thing

    by J Mo
    Wow. Where has this thing been all my life? I own most of the best EQ emulations from UA, Waves and Softube. While I’m not saying this is better than all my other EQ’s, it’s in the running. The way this EQ firms up the low frequencies and polishes up the highs is amazing. Warm and clear and punchy and full of vintage character - I haven’t found anything this doesn’t sound good on. AND it’s not a CPU hog! I bought this less then 24 hours after starting the demo. I am loving this “box”.