Customer Reviews

  • あたたかい

    by ikech
  • Lindell TE-100

    by Mixthatrecord
    Lindell keeps amazing me. I have more than just this one, but it's the one I use on every mix/master. This EQ works from subs to airy highs, and everything in between. But most important: it's extremely MUSICAL. Other eq's mangle the sound, this one really embellishes it. I even use it on the master buss, it's my go to tool for obtaining tonal balance. This baby will never let you down!
  • TE-100

    by element4audio
    nice sound but limited options. And not output levels... the sound is good, and is good enough for give uses on a good mix. I don´t understand why so limitated options, like specific frecuencies or no output control. It is a good plugin, but for only on specials conditions/sessions
  • TE 100

    by Ange
    I admit I bought this on a whim and a deal price that comes up sometimes about 6 months ago, not thinking much at the time as I had bought a few, but I just noticed..... I can't think of a mix for the last 3 months that I have not used it on, Bass or Kick one or two Db 85 170 ooh Warm, Top on cymbles, Ohh Tizzle tizzle. Just to say I am surprised at how much I use it. IMHO worth every penny. BTW Hi mids on guitar again one or two Db and it comes out of the mix, try it.
  • Full, fat and vibey!

    by Jellyfish
    This thing is an absolute beast! It makes everything so full and saturated in the best way. Full of life and character. Because I mostly boost stuff with it, it does tend to get LOUD pretty quickly. So the only thing I truly miss is an output level knob. Could this be implemented in a future update? That would make it perfect!
  • unique and musical tone

    by Ad
    Loving the warmth and breadth of the curves in this EQ. I need to delve further but the low bass is something special.
    It's trackpad friendly, too. (Tip: click and hold a mid center frequency while single finger scrolling up/down to scroll through possible bandwidths).
    And any EQ that forces listening over a visual bias or reliance on an overly graphical interface is a winner, really.
  • Pixie dust in a plugin!

    by CG
    This is a beautiful sounding EQ. It’s very much a colouration and character device, so while I wouldn’t ever reach for this for surgical precision, on certain sources it imparts an incredibly special tone and sheen, and is great for boosting high mids and highs without any added harshness. Also has superb sounding bottom...and everything in between! Very stylish.
    Not for everything, but when it works, it really works.
  • Secret Weapon

    by Carambo
    A must on any master track for me ! Brightness is beautiful, low end is very elegant. Sounds amazing for any situation, it deserves the title of Secret Weapon.
  • An Esoteric Miracle!

    by Steve Paine
    How could anybody resist this quirky, esoteric, not to mention quirky relic from Plugin Alliance and partners Lindell Audio? Well I certainly couldn't, even though I honestly had no idea what I'd use it on, but that it'd make a great talking piece for clients. Well roll on a few months and I use it far more than I'd ever thought I would, especially on busses, specifically my drum bus for hard Rock & Metal. It is epic, EQ and compress individual channels using the Bx console SSL4000E then feed to buss and use the Townhouse Compressor followed by the TE-100 and possibly the Black Box HG2 if you want a bit of dirt. It is perfection how you can shape your overall drum sound to perfectly suit the mix and because the options aren't endless it is very quick to use. Rich powerful lows (be careful not to overdo!) Smooth sparkling highs and the ability to tastefully scoop or boost mids in a really organic way. It captures the warmth of more establised historic EQs such as the Pultec but with an extra dimension of control. Thank you to Plugin Alliance and Lindell Audio!
    Steve Paine Lyonesse Studios
  • TE-100

    by Bd lieutenant
    Got this for free! (discount/promo), After downloading & trying this gem, would gladly have paid.
    Totally overlooked this, as I'm just after Essential plugs, but huge 'THANK- YOU' P.A, Dirk & team & Lindell Audio, this is musical LOVE really.
    The warmth, understand y RAFA SARDINA has 10, & Grammys, well respected GREG WURTH (same background... King Tubbys) love this! , the videos DON'T show you reallllly how good it actually sounds, demo this...
    This IS a secret weapon