Customer Reviews

  • T-100 in mastering

    by MixMax
    I was struggling to get that rich and defined sound out of my mastering of a new song when I decided to try the T-100. Just half a dB here and there and the song blossomed!
    I'm so happy I had the opportunity to discover that new plugin! Thank you!. I specially love the shelvings when abused :)
  • Color and Tone Weapond

    by Hitplacemusic Studio
    This its my secret weapon in mi mix to overdrive a mix and make color i dont know how but always makes e smile thanks
  • Seeee magic

    by Psysword
    Magic folks. Throw it on. Push a few bottoms and I feel like a 70 year old mastering expert. The things that this puppy can do. Sizzle at 4khz. Bass at will but this sizzle will cut through the mix. Insane awesome. Bloody beautiful. I know nothing of its history. But this is a mastering tool that is now in my mastering chain permanently, though it can used on any track too. Black box, vsm3 all add color progressively and attack different shelves. Buy.
  • colorful

    by nt
    great eq for vibe and colour, but would benefit greatly from an M/S mode
  • あたたかい

    by ikech
  • Lindell TE-100

    by Mixthatrecord
    Lindell keeps amazing me. I have more than just this one, but it's the one I use on every mix/master. This EQ works from subs to airy highs, and everything in between. But most important: it's extremely MUSICAL. Other eq's mangle the sound, this one really embellishes it. I even use it on the master buss, it's my go to tool for obtaining tonal balance. This baby will never let you down!
  • TE-100

    by element4audio
    nice sound but limited options. And not output levels... the sound is good, and is good enough for give uses on a good mix. I don´t understand why so limitated options, like specific frecuencies or no output control. It is a good plugin, but for only on specials conditions/sessions
  • TE 100

    by Ange
    I admit I bought this on a whim and a deal price that comes up sometimes about 6 months ago, not thinking much at the time as I had bought a few, but I just noticed..... I can't think of a mix for the last 3 months that I have not used it on, Bass or Kick one or two Db 85 170 ooh Warm, Top on cymbles, Ohh Tizzle tizzle. Just to say I am surprised at how much I use it. IMHO worth every penny. BTW Hi mids on guitar again one or two Db and it comes out of the mix, try it.
  • Full, fat and vibey!

    by Jellyfish
    This thing is an absolute beast! It makes everything so full and saturated in the best way. Full of life and character. Because I mostly boost stuff with it, it does tend to get LOUD pretty quickly. So the only thing I truly miss is an output level knob. Could this be implemented in a future update? That would make it perfect!
  • unique and musical tone

    by Ad
    Loving the warmth and breadth of the curves in this EQ. I need to delve further but the low bass is something special.
    It's trackpad friendly, too. (Tip: click and hold a mid center frequency while single finger scrolling up/down to scroll through possible bandwidths).
    And any EQ that forces listening over a visual bias or reliance on an overly graphical interface is a winner, really.