Customer Reviews

  • Love the warmth sound

    by Renato Patriarca
    Love the warmth sound of this plugin emulation.
    I have been using for mixing and mastering with great results.
  • Wouw

    by Labby
    I never thougt it could be such a difference in an EQ than the Lindell one does it to a standard. Since I first tested it I was impressed by the analog sound. Very special, very good! F.e. Try to make a bass fat, you'll get him fat!
  • TE-100

    by That low end and top end!
    I compared thi eq´s top and low end with all PA eq´s and 90% of Acustica Audios... nothing could match this eq in terms of low and top end, nothing, not even bx_console N.
    This this is beauty :)
  • Lindell Audio TE-100

    by sdfalk
    Its instant Eq gratification;
    By this is mean it handles both boosting and cutting with equal
    Using the frequency selector buttons took a little getting used to.
    once I did, getting anything to sit in a mix (vocal, guitar, etc)
    became a breeze.
    As I've never owned/used the original hardware on which this plugin
    is based, I can't say how it compares.
    The tonal characteristics (that illusive "warmth") is
    positively gorgeous.
    This plugin is now in every mix I work on.
    Great job
    Stephen Falk
  • Bring warmth and clarity

    by Jonathan George
    If you have a sound that you already love coming out of your DAW but notice there is still a certain sharp edge to the sound, slap this on the master bus and you will be amazed at the warmth that occurs with this eq. Especially for giving that warm saturation clarity to vocals. I removed the bx digital v3 from the master chain and placed this last and was not sorry. Great plug!
  • Lindell TE-100

    by dannyL
    The TE-100 EQ is pretty nice mastering EQ with one major drawback - there is no Master Level control. I find that the plugin sounds quite nice, and at the current sale price of US$69.00, it is a good value. But not having a master level makes it difficult to use. It is also very DSP hungry, so I tend to limit the instances of it in a mix to one. I really do wish that Plugin Alliance would have more plugs with proper Master levels - plus and minus.
  • No joke

    by Zo
    Ok , first i saw it when launched , and the design alone made me skip it. , then i saw some of the reviews and people raving around here and was still like "ok usual fanboys" ....then it was on sale and decided to finally give it a go since the design integregated me ...
    No need to say that i finally grabbed it .... i own pretty every high en eq s in plugins format and this just sound exellent , and has a low end and top end boost while preserve your material from harshness and boominess like crazy ....
    Do yourself a favor and try unless you short in money .... don t try it cause you will buy it !!!
    Note that th gui is resizable to tast , it s not heavy on cpu even with oversampling , and it s great even without oversampling ...
    I m pretty impressed by lsr and lindell lately ... also to notice zero bug , stable ... feel confident with this release ...
  • TE-100 Wow!

    by DLS Music Productions
    I thought I had heard and tried all of the EQs out there until I tried the TE-100. This EQ sounded so musical and silky smooth on my guitar track, I couldn't believe the difference it made. My guitar track just came alive and sat in the mix perfectly. This will be my go to EQ when I want to give a solo instrument some emphasis and presence. Absolutely amazing!
  • TE-100

    by Jimmy Wilkerson
    The Lindell Audio TE-100 equalizer is one of the sweetest sounding eq's on the market today. Even when pushing it hard, it is tough (darn near impossible) to make it sound bad. The usual eq curves cant be seen but once you start to push the buttons, the power of this module becomes evident. Sometimes I will place it across en entire track with just minimal settings, ie: 0.5 to one decibel, and the candy coated deliciousness of the tube modeling breathes life into said track. You've hit a home run with this one, Lindell Audio. Keep up the good work!
  • MUST have.., Trust that

    by SmoothMIRROR
    Easy to use colorful and pretty warm mix bus pearl .. ;)
    Love it on the low end of drums and beautiful to beat the boxiness out of digital samples..
    TE - 100 ? - one of my favorite forces to F**** with my Drum Bus
    don't believe ? just take a test ride ..
    greetings from Germany
    manufactory RECORDS
    - ONE