Customer Reviews

  • Secret Sauce

    by EJR
    Easily the most analog sounding plugin I've come across. Amazing boxtone. Love just running things through it without even dialing in any settings. Brought an immediate smile to my face.
  • lindell audio te-100

    by Andrey
    This EQ is really nice. The emulation of analog saturation is among the best I've heard.
  • TE-100

    by Inside-Out Studio
    It's nice to have a plug-in that sounds as nice as my Summit tube E.Q. in the rack. It beats most any e.q. I've ever used for rich warm tone. I mastered a record using the TE-100 last week and the label wrote back "Beautiful". I find the controls easy to use and especially like the 10khz boost for it's smoothness.
  • Truly beautiful-sounding and unusual EQ, with a couple issues.

    by In-Stereo
    This is a stunning EQ. I was looking for a "mojo" EQ, and tried this and the PSP E27 and a couple others. This one won out for me. It's a little odd to use and could use some "let's make it better than the original instead of being limited by it" for the GUI (i.e., not having to switch between + or - when adjusting the mid bands but instead having one knob that does both, like in most other EQs). But the sound, my god, the sound! Brilliant. Truly.
    1. As with other Lindell plugins, they decided not to let you see the precise values of what you're adjusting, in this case with the level (dB) knobs. Many of us need to know precisely how much we're adjusting in many situations. There's no logical reason for this omission.
    2. Please, please, please, let us turn off the noise. The "analog" mode sounds fantastic, but the noise should be an option like it is on plenty of other vintage-based plugins. Noise from this kind of thing adds up quickly in a mix. In this modern age we should have the option to turn it off and not be limited by what we're limited to with hardware. I would strongly recommend being more forward-thinking with the noise, and make it an option separate from the "analog" mode.
  • Excellent for mastering

    by Edward Selberie
    The TE-100 plugin is one of the best eq's for mastering (and also for the mixbus). My BAX eq has always been on my mastering buss. For one particular song I couldn't get the final track to sound the way I wanted with the BAX. I decided to try the TE-100 and I was floored!!!! Just a small low cut and mids, a little boost of the 85hz and the 10khz and it just not only sound excellent, but also feels awesome. There is something really amazing with this plugin. I don't think I will ever own the hardware, so thank you very much (again) for providing us with such awesome products!!! I am a proud owner of almost all PA plugins!!!!
  • Excellent EQ

    by Bhang
    I really like what this EQ does. It can add a nice warmth and opens things up a touch. I can see using this eq a lot.
  • Love the warmth sound

    by Renato Patriarca
    Love the warmth sound of this plugin emulation.
    I have been using for mixing and mastering with great results.
  • Wouw

    by Labby
    I never thougt it could be such a difference in an EQ than the Lindell one does it to a standard. Since I first tested it I was impressed by the analog sound. Very special, very good! F.e. Try to make a bass fat, you'll get him fat!
  • TE-100

    by That low end and top end!
    I compared thi eq´s top and low end with all PA eq´s and 90% of Acustica Audios... nothing could match this eq in terms of low and top end, nothing, not even bx_console N.
    This this is beauty :)
  • Lindell Audio TE-100

    by sdfalk
    Its instant Eq gratification;
    By this is mean it handles both boosting and cutting with equal
    Using the frequency selector buttons took a little getting used to.
    once I did, getting anything to sit in a mix (vocal, guitar, etc)
    became a breeze.
    As I've never owned/used the original hardware on which this plugin
    is based, I can't say how it compares.
    The tonal characteristics (that illusive "warmth") is
    positively gorgeous.
    This plugin is now in every mix I work on.
    Great job
    Stephen Falk