Customer Reviews

  • Nice!

    by Ben
    Nice warm sound. But a sidechain input would be nice!
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • Clean Comp

    by Mchangani
    I normally put this on my master for gain staging purposes, it helps a lot with the spl iron and magnun k comp. Normally I don't engage the tube saturation that's handled by the Black Box HG2 but the again I sometimes do!! its a very clean and useful compressor!
  • twice the comp

    by J
    I think this is a great tool to a add to my cannon of comps it has a subtle character (a choice of two, I should say) and I mean character as opposed to colouration and of course it does what it says on the tin in a very pleasant way.
    A great finaliser I feel
  • TCL-2 butter

    by spiritvegetable
    Very smooth, clean, and classy. It's perfect for material that needs to retain it's natural quality such as classical, choral, acoustic, and its transparency also makes it a good choice for mastering. I'm very happy to have this in my arsenal.
  • Super

    by Konstantinos
    Super plugin and very quality plugin for mixing....
  • TCL-2

    by MrChunk
    Very Smoooth and transparent its Perfect for Mastering. I would recommend for a early stage mastering tool, It helps to control transients before it hits my EQing and other Mastering Plugs.
  • Millenia TCL-2

    by Howard Rabach
    Only owned this for a couple of weeks, but have had a couple of opportunities to use it for a couple of projects. Stellar on guitar and vocal bus tracks; gentle and clean enough to smooth out rough drum bus tracks as well. Stellar all around.
  • Clean and multifunction compressor

    by Sergey
    Try it on the song! Sometimes I like the inconspicuous intervention of the compressor, and this compressor is what you need! Two different modes of the compressor make it even more universal.
  • Smooth

    by dbsounds
    It's a great compressor for acoustic instruments when you need to polish them but don't want to make it obvious.
    It also works great for me as drums overheads compressor in the M/S mode. A bit unconventional usage which demands properly recorded drums with accurate mics positioning, but gives the opportunity to achieve incredible precise and smooth compression for cymbals.