Customer Reviews

  • TCL 2

    by Banga Bill
    So Smooth on Vocals, Has a special Sheen
  • Simple effective

    by Alex Hepting
    Very transparent sound. Useful for positioning sounds in the whole mix. Only imagination is the limit.
  • so useful!

    by teen wei
    i love it can do magic things no other!
  • Amazing

    by Demolition Day Records
    I was looking for a clean and transparent mastering compressor and settled on this because it has 2 signal paths as well as M/S. I find the tube path remains totally clean while the FET path adds a very very subtle "fuzz" to the top end of the spectrum. Some may like it but I always end up choosing the tube path. The M/S function is great and may save the need for a remix from time to time. This plugin will most likely never leave my mastering chain.
  • expensive tone

    by JK
    I think TCL-2 is my option in my mix session.It's tone color is very nice for me and that always makes expensive tone.
  • TCL-2

    by Shramm Storm
    I like the way it colorizes top of peaks on drums with no digital artifacts (which I often hear with other VST compressors, even very famous ones). Surely, it's one of my favorite tools for making punchy and yet very soft sound. I also often use it together with Vertigo VSC-2
  • Fantastic and versatile

    by AreG
    This compressor is fantastic ! Smooth, crazy, transparent, beautiful color/character, expensive sounding, dazzling and intuitive GUI. Using mild/moderate compression the TCL-2 really shines as a mixbus/masterbus dynamics processor producing exceptionally balanced results. The TCL-2 pumps noticeably at heavier compression settings with some quite interesting effects.