Customer Reviews

  • Twincom Compressor Limiter

    by Costas Skliris
    The Twincom compressor is my latest acquisition from plugins alliance and there is one think I can assure you about : this love affair is not going to be a flash in the pan. In fact Im using it all the time, maybe not as much on individual instruments or tracks (as yet) but mainly on buses. The reason being a) subtlety b) dimension. Subtlety because the compression is effective but discreet, dimension because it instantaneously creates space and improves the stereo picture. This is the result of using a slightly deferent compression on each channel, to that end I personally recommend having one channel louder than the other, that gives you the impression of an even wider picture. The last think that I can say about it is that the M/S section sounds as if it was invented for this compressor.
  • TCL 2

    by Banga Bill
    So Smooth on Vocals, Has a special Sheen
  • Simple effective

    by Alex Hepting
    Very transparent sound. Useful for positioning sounds in the whole mix. Only imagination is the limit.
  • so useful!

    by teen wei
    i love it can do magic things no other!
  • Amazing

    by Demolition Day Records
    I was looking for a clean and transparent mastering compressor and settled on this because it has 2 signal paths as well as M/S. I find the tube path remains totally clean while the FET path adds a very very subtle "fuzz" to the top end of the spectrum. Some may like it but I always end up choosing the tube path. The M/S function is great and may save the need for a remix from time to time. This plugin will most likely never leave my mastering chain.
  • expensive tone

    by JK
    I think TCL-2 is my option in my mix session.It's tone color is very nice for me and that always makes expensive tone.
  • TCL-2

    by Shramm Storm
    I like the way it colorizes top of peaks on drums with no digital artifacts (which I often hear with other VST compressors, even very famous ones). Surely, it's one of my favorite tools for making punchy and yet very soft sound. I also often use it together with Vertigo VSC-2
  • Fantastic and versatile

    by AreG
    This compressor is fantastic ! Smooth, crazy, transparent, beautiful color/character, expensive sounding, dazzling and intuitive GUI. Using mild/moderate compression the TCL-2 really shines as a mixbus/masterbus dynamics processor producing exceptionally balanced results. The TCL-2 pumps noticeably at heavier compression settings with some quite interesting effects.