Customer Reviews

  • opinion

    by elacordeonero
    exelente producto por ser transparente muy apesar de se comprima al maximo su grado de saturacion molesta cuando se utiliza de manera moderada suele ser muy discreto y mejor aun con su modo M/S muy contento con el producto
  • TCL 2

    by Tommy
    Have small home studio, no budget for quality analog equipment, this plug-in gives me the rich Sweet Sound of a true analog compressor at a fraction of the cost. Highly recommended.
  • Good compressor Opto.

    by Dekcon
    The sound is neutral, the plugin also adds a bit of warmth, this is something I really like. Parallel compression is viable with the "mix" option. I am happy with the purchase.
  • Millennia TCL-2

    by Wout Age
    A very musical mastering grade compressor that looks and sounds very classy. I know Millennia from the hardware mic pre-amps, they are very transparent and non-coloring. I use the HV-35 as my main pre-amp all the time. So I expect nothing else but the same quality from other Millennia hardware, but that is so expensive. Brainworx have done a great job in bringing that same quality to the plugin version of the Twincom, for a great price too (especially when you're a regular customer: you will be given all kinds of discount!). So how does this compressor compare to many other plugin comps that are around? The TLC is truely the only one that I know that leaves the original signal as it is and if there's any noticable coloration it is very transparent and always better sounding than the original. The hardware that I would compare this sound to is the dbx 160x that I own and is does nothing else but change the dynamics of your sound, no distortion, no coloration. I own 2 of them, but sadly after 30+ years they start to show defects. So the Twincom is now standard in my mastering/finalizing chain to glue things together. Only downpoint I can think of: I can't use it on every track in my DAW cause it is rather CPU consuming, I have a feeling that also the GUI has part in that too, cause in my mastering software (Ozone7) it sometimes opens in black. Only when I re-open it the GUI appears all right. But the sound is up there with the very best and that is why we are all here, aren't we?
  • Open Space on Master

    by StevenK
    As others stated: this device sounds wonderful. This is the 5 stars. Period.
    If possible, I would have reduced 1/2 star, due to the fact that there is no indication about the exact amount of the settings you dialed in. (Correct me, if I missed something! I am using Studio One.) Esp. the makeup gain is difficult to handle because you have to turn a tiny knob with your mouse. To me this is a bad example of a photorealistic User Interface. But for sure: it looks gorgeous and the visualisation of the metering is very helpful. At the end you can achieve anything that this unit was made for.
    A wonderful hardware emulation that can even become better, if the UI would be improved.
  • Millennia TCL-2

    by Domenico
    wonderful emulation with its own character,works very clean and accurate.I am very happy with it ... THANKS for that :-)
  • Millenia TCL-2

    by Hans
    Despite of tube warmth an incredible clean sound. This magical device is great on every track and buss. It is really another further step to professional results.
  • millennia tcl-2 a dompter

    by studiocorbiere
    très bon compresseur que ce millennia, pas pu faire la comparaison avec l'original, ( pas encore ;) ), par contre je le trouve assez délicat a régler, très transparent si bien régler, mais gros effets de pompage dans le cas contraire (sauf si voulu !) je l'ai testé plusieurs fois avant de l'acheter !
  • TCL-2

    by Andy M
    Super Grabby , didn't expect to be so impressed, but it does amazing stuff. I use it sorta working backwards. smash the crap out of drums with a shortish attack and fastest release and then back off the ratio , threshold and bring the dry back in to keep the transients. A go to now for some things, great on synth basses too.
  • Millennia TCL2

    by mrwiz2rd9
    I own millennia STT-1 and when I saw there was a plugin version of the compressor. I had to have in my studio it sound very good with the style of music I have released last year. This is a must have in anybody home studio.