Customer Reviews

  • Very Nice comp

    by Alex
    I really like this compressor it does a good job on a drum.buss and adds a sparkle that I like
  • Audio ketchup

    by Ones & Zeros
    I put it on everything!
  • TCL-2

    by waxx
    This is a great sounding compressor. The mid/side is really useful to reinforce the sound width. I've never used the real thing, but the sound quality is top notch !
  • TCL-2 Top 2

    by Goldenchild / WM
    This has become my go to compressor plugin I put on almost every track don't matter the source. This thing is magical I tell you, just putting it on any track opens up the sound it's subtle but recognizable. The compression even when pushed is soo... smooth and transparent it does not crush the dynamics of your source, it's incredible. The TT option takes it to another level, it gives you the ability to listen to a J-FET style compressor, or disabled to Vacuum Tube circuitry. The Mid / Sid option is the icing on the the cake for me, you can give your sound more width. Bottom line is this compressor is special and my top 2 compressor ever.. P.A great great job.
  • TCL

    by REG
    Great sounding compressor,clean and expensive sounding,not the easiest to get set but once you do it's well worth it.Plus it's almost like two flavours in one with the J FET AND FULL TUBE.
  • TCL-2

    by Patrick Derivaz
    Having used the hardware version before, I appreciate the sonic quality and ease of use of the Millenia TCL-2 plugin version from Plugin Alliance. You guys even improve on a great unit!
  • Transparency

    by Jon Neves
    Very good compressor, extremely transparent and faithful to its analogue brother. These digital emulations keep getting better and better, well done everyone!
  • millenia tcl-2

    by APOS
    As a semi-pro, hobbyist studio dweller i find the Millenia TLC-2 has made a huge improvement to my mixes. I've always wanted to try this hardware unit but would never be able to justify spending $4000. I find it amazing i can get this Class A compressor for a fraction of the price and it sounds GREAT! clean and pure. huge improvement to logic stock plugs and my low end comp plug-ins. Really Awesome! looks great too. thanks guys :) glad i spent the $$$
  • Millennia TCL-2

    by Marian
    The Millennia TCL-2 I mainly use in the MasterChannel with the Vertigo VSC-2. Both behave like twins. Only I miss the scalability of the plug-in, then I would be able to read the labels on the one hand better and I would mean a hardware to use. Nevertheless, thanks to PlugIn Alliance, for the great plug-in.
  • opinion

    by elacordeonero
    exelente producto por ser transparente muy apesar de se comprima al maximo su grado de saturacion molesta cuando se utiliza de manera moderada suele ser muy discreto y mejor aun con su modo M/S muy contento con el producto