Customer Reviews

  • TCL-2

    by soundguy7788
    smooth as silk , easy to use and transparent
  • Excellent Compressor!

    by Joel
    I absolutely love the PA TCL-2! I work with acoustic material almost exclusively and this compressor can be gentle, subtle, and transparent while also giving just that little bit of extra polish. The tube side is great to add that extra little bit of warmth and the SS side can add just the little extra bit of life you need. Can’t say enough about how great this plug is!
  • Milennia TCL-2 Comp

    by CD
    Exactly what I was looking for as a mix buss compressor. The M/S feature really opens up the soundscape, and the digital mix just sounds instantly better through this. Love it! Thank you Plugin Alliance for tempting us with exquisite tools and irresistible prices!
  • Rock and/or Roll!

    by MJ
    This gives you some of the most desirable compression in history. It's not perfect for everything, but in little time you will likely find a setting that will be very pleasing regardless of the source material. It's really excellent for vox, guitar, and for that last little twinkle you need.
  • Smooth and transparent with a sheen of class!

    by Steve Paine
    Millennia are particularly popular in the broadcast and film industry for their ultra clean and transparent sound and that has certainly been captured here in this very capable plugin emulation.
    I record a lot of Progressive Rock and Symphonic Metal so I am frequently combining orchestral and choral parts with typically heavy rock components. Therefore I use the TCL 2 frequently in concert with the NSEQ 2 on orchestral parts (usually samples/synths, but not exclusively) and Choirs (real or multitracked). I typically place them on separate busses for Strings, Brass and Voices and they pull together the component parts and help give an overall ensemble sound that is very satisfying.
    If you are looking for a 'Character' compressor this is probably not for you. Its sound is very transparent and smooth, with a sheen of class. The Twin Topology function is extremely subtle with the default Tube option being slightly warming and the J-FET option being a tad brighter. This comes into its own in a dense mix allowing you to choose the character that enables your sounds to sit well within the whole.
    Whilst I use the TCL 2 and the NSEQ 2 in a very specific context, the smoothness of the TCL 2 means that it would be more than suitable for many acoustic instruments especially acoustic guitars and piano. For me this is wasted on heavy guitars or drums and its strengths are as a bus comp rather than indivdual instruments. I recently used it on the mix bus on some semi acoustic jazz recordings which it suited perfectly and I imagine Folk and Classical recordings would well work too, but it is too smooth for Rock n' Roll!
    Overall you cannot help but be impressed by the smoothness of quality from the TCL 2, it imparts a certain touch of class to the signal without ever imposing itself on the sound. As with the majority of PIA / Brainworx plugs the CPU hit is low!
    I would heartily recommend purchasing the NSEQ 2 as well - they will do marvellous things to your instrument busses in the right context.
  • Nice but very clean compressor

    by Martijn van Dongen
    I give this compressor 4 stars instead of 5 because it is very clean. If I knew the compressor better, I had chosen the VSC-2. It is very useful on the master buss or on vocals but it is so clean, sometimes you barely notice the compressor. It does it job very good but when you are mixing rock/metal I wouldn't pick this compressor but the Vertigo VSC-2.
  • Classy

    by Aleksandar P
    I don’t use this compressor at all,I don’t compress anything with it - I just turn out the output on master bus and enjoy that shiny little present- everything lights up like a Christmas Tree. Amazingly stylish (non)colored amplifier! 2 in 1 by the way;opto that can sound like 1176 or Tube .
  • Love it

    by Ralph
    Really nice, clean and snappy compressor. This one really surprised me.
  • Millennia TCL-2

    by Gino Music
    I’ve worked with the real one and it’s essentially the same thing! I’ve bought this compressor on Black’s so awesome and it has and creates a great sound. I love them
  • Smooth on 2 bus

    by Green Room
    Has been great for subtle compression on 2 bus. Gentle and warm. I haven’t had a chance to push it, but really liking the Millennia tube sound. The parallel mix option is perfect.