Customer Reviews

  • I really love this one

    by Demious
    I think everyone has come across situation where they need a touch of drive, just a slight edge and the average distortions are way overkill, but saturators just dont cut it. In such cases, this is my go-to tool. From saturating harmonics, to adding just that subtle amount of extra drive, the VSM-3 has just the right controlls to shape that extra detail in the sound.
  • VSM-3

    by Alfredo
    I like a lot this plugin, very usefull for the digital and fake sound from virtual instrument. Just use the VSM-3 and all the digital sound will dissapear. A great trick for give an analog tone to a digital sound
  • Beautiful Sounding Plugin...

    by m2
    ...that's a little hard to see on my 4K monitor. I can't add much to the accolades others have already shared: this plugin is both flexible and sounds fantastic! If we could just increase the size of the interface for my aging eyes, it's a five star effort for sure.
  • VSM-3

    by Sean Fullerton
    Hmmmmm, let me see. $99 vs $7,000.
    I think I'll try this one... thank you, Dirk.
    You're helping to improve my game
    one plugin at a time :)
  • Great Harmonic Generator

    by Alex Picciafuochi
    Excellent to give that slightly dirty harmonic richness to your Mixes or Master Bus
  • vertigo vsm 3

    by krischan
    i like pa plugins but this one is simply unusable because of the gui. and i am old school and only on hd, on a 4k monitor it must be...
    hey, this is 2019...
    this is not to insult anybody but to encourage you to change this.
    cheers, take care
  • Loving this plugin

    by Danny
    This is a beast of a plugin! Just buy it. I mean what it does on individual tracks and the mix bus, hard to find a better sounding saturation plugin. Only had it for about a week and already improving my mixes.
  • vsm-3

    by synesthetic
    Damn I love this thing. After testing a ton of saturation plugins I got this. Nuff said.
    Wait, on a 4k screen you will need magnifying glasses. I really hope this will be enhanced. But listen to this thing!
  • Ultimate M/S Saturation

    by Ben Collier
    Perfect for adding subtle width and warmth to mixes and helps orchestral material from collapsing/vanishing into mud when summed to mono, you'll be using it on everything!
  • VSM-3

    by George
    Iv'e been using the VSM-3 for about 6 months now and it is one of the most musical and versatile plugin of its kind.
    I can, and do, put this on every group buss in Nuendo. By adding as little as 10% of the 2nd or 3rd generators It makes the mix really come together. Talk about Glue!