Customer Reviews

  • Top !

    by Bruno Zucchetti
    Amazing Sound ! Top as every product of PluginAlliance !
    I use it by HDX Dsp and I've subscrived for Mega Bundle Yearly ,as a Top Recording Studio in a pocket ...
    i will buy everything waiting the right promotions !
    Bruno Zucchetti Italy
  • Need some sauce?

    by tripmusic
    This thing really brings tracks to life. M/S gives you a lot of control for mixbus applications. It makes synths shine, or growl. Really a fantastic saturator/exciter.
  • Special Unit

    by Elliott S.
    The VSM-3 is pretty special and won't necessarily work with everything. Take the time to learn the signal flow in it and how it works.
    Once you get the complete overview of the capabilities you'll understand the power of this beast. I've been totally amazed by it's ability to revive dull mixes, restore hihats and stuff like that among other things.
    Either to "fix things", go crazier with your sound design, or add a specific color to a mixbus or master, this is a unique tool that you may want to try out !
  • Tone-Shaper

    by August
    This is the best saturator, with a lot of tone-shaping abilities you can use this on every track of the mix. Need to EQ a bit? How about the VSM-3? Some compression? How about the VSM-3? Distortion? Leave the dist solo on.

    by BLOKADA
    Vertigo VSM3 is Magic!
  • Finally can resize the UI!

    by MrBloke
    This has always been a superb plugin only let down by a tiny user interface on high pixel density monitors. The recent update has finally fixed that with a choice of scaling up to 150%. Sounds as great as ever but now I can finally see what I'm doing properly!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!
  • VSM-3

    by Astropilot
    A great tool to add color to digital sounds. Works great for synth bass, synth leads. THD mix knob really helps to blend aggressive harmonic distortion of the plugin with the dry signal. I used it on current mixing sessions for Sterling Angel's music.
  • GUI small

    by Psysword
    Great plugin too tiny for my 4k monitor. I love the sound and control knobs to shape distortion to perfection but how hard is to increase the GUI size to 150 percent? You can do it Dirk... then I’ll make it 5 stars.
  • Supreme Saturator

    by YAKUL
    I love this PlugIn and mostly use it on bass guitars to get some really grity, dirty and punchy bass for my hardcore an dmetal projects! It always cuts through and it is very versatile in terms of M/S and frequency bands. I did not expect it to be used as a bass distortion at first, but it toatally works great . It is great on a mix- or masterbus, too!
  • Necessary!

    by Pharaoh LawLess
    This plugin is the cherry on top! The pies de resistance! The Mariano Rivera of my master bus! the closer, baby! This plugin is NECESSARY!