Customer Reviews

  • Rich sounding saturation

    by Ant
    The VSM-3 is a very rich and versatile saturation plugin with many smart features. I use it on the mix bus, and it definitely adds harmonics, depth and dynamics to the whole track.
    The ease of use (you can solo each part of the plugin at any time) is marvelous, and now i only wish i had the real VSM in my rack!
    Buy without any doubt.
  • Magnificent!!!!!!!

    by George G
    It may be a bit overwhelming to get used to how it works at first, but this is one amazing piece of saturation!! Definitely my favourite one, with the Oven being used interchangeably, but I find myself using Vertigo just a tad more. Talking about RICH harmonics, total transformation of a lifeless track, or elevation beyond belief of an already great one (such as a great take of sax and horns I used it on lately and couldn't believe my ears with the difference it made).
    Must have!! But be sure to watch some good tutorials before you use it, and be persistent and patient at first till you get to know your way around it.
  • A reserved slot in the master chain

    by DArt
    The VSM-3 is a nice saturator overall, but its strongest point to me is the M/S capability. In the master chain the harmonics on the side make the mix instantly more pleasant by adding a bit of presence, and also the mid can get more punch with the right settings.
    It can either be very subtle or aggressive, you can slam it recklessly on a drum bus, but I feel like it shines the most on the gentle side, hence the reserved slot for it in the master bus.
  • Great

    by Chest
    This is really a secret weapon. It gives the space and warmth. Bought it on sale and it’s well worth it. Using it especially on mix bus.
  • Hi-fi your mix, indeed...

    by mholloway
    There are many plugins on this site that claim to add that special 'magic' or 'mojo' to your mix....this is the one that actually does it. It takes some tweaking, so be ready to spend some time...but the results are simply unreal.
  • Excellent

    by syhumusic
    A secret weapon and one of the best plugins I have in my collection. It can improve sound drastically if used correctly. Personally, I prefer this one over a Black Box HG-2 which is good, but rather for the electronic type of music. For anything else - use VSM-3 on your masters!
  • VSM-3

    by BluelagoonStudios
    We have an arsenal of distortion plugins, but the most used are the decapitator and this one. This one because you can really fine tune the settings. And it's true, very versatile, for different program material. If you want to smash a parallel bus with drums, it makes it really full and rich sounding.
  • Vertigo VSM-3 Saturator

    by Z
    Very tweakable. Perfect if you want to sat the mid channel different from the side channels. Cool-looking rack-mount-style UI. Excellent / musical sound quality. It adds warmth and guts while retaining clarity. I have many different saturators and this one is my favorite for mastering. It gives my mixes delicious analog character without ever being "too much". Highly recommended.
  • Complex to use, but great sound is achievable.

    by Overdrive Music
    I've seen 2ProBeats use the hardware of this. He can make it sound great. There is also one other guy on YouTube who made it sound incredible in the low end.
  • The reviews are true

    by bvh
    Echoing everyone else before me, this is a must-have plugin.
    I demoed it after seeing so many recommending it, being unsure if it was something that would fit into my workflow - and bought it right away.
    To start with, it is hands down the best-sounding digital distortion I've heard, ever.
    The monitoring section where you can listen to just the harmonic generators and the mid-side and routing options are incredible.
    The presets are also very good. This thing just sounds unbelievable on the master bus.
    Well worth it.