Customer Reviews

  • review

    by Alex Aguilar
    Great subs & easy to use!
  • Brainworx bx-subsynth

    by Vicsaund
    Brainworx bx subsynth has become interesting to me not only for the ability to manage and control low frequencies, this plugin added a good "for my taste" regulated drive! Thank developers for the possibility of using AAX DSP!^^^
  • bx Subsynth

    by Skip
    I recently purchase bx_subsynth to try and fatten up the low end of the bass and kick. It has worked perfectly. It allows me to focus the bass and kick sub-harmonics in a manner to allow them a distinction which does get in the way of each other. I have also used it on the snare to give it a little more weight. I generally record quartet, so it is important to have body and avoid sounding thin. Bx-Subsynth with a little distortion helps me accomplish a full rich sound.
  • Shivering

    by ViTheVault
    The Best Bass synth I know About... However you throw it it gets the job done
  • Get the low end you want!

    by Likes metal
    The bx_subsynth has many uses: on bass, on drums, on the overall mix. The controls allow you to both fill out the sound and keep things tight, not to mention adding depth and a good wallop where desired. Don't let the "synth" in the name fool you into thinking your tone will be degraded into something sounding fake or synthetic. The plugin has a very natural vibe to it and sounds good. If you're having trouble getting the low end you really want, put the bx_subsynth in a few key places while using the presets as a guide and have fun unleashing the power of this plugin. It easily exceeded my expectations.
  • Bx_subsynth

    by Teo
    A must have. Stop
  • bx-_subsynth

    by PH
    Usable not only for bass tools but also for the whole mix. Great.
  • Sub

    by J
    Fatten tracks up rather nicely
  • Bass control

    by goettel
    The control over (sub) bass harmonics is stunning. It's one of those tools you never knew you needed until you start using it. I bought it on sale for €50, which is incredible value. Even at thrice the price (the regular price), it's hard to see how any professional could feel this isn't money very well spent. Highly recommended. You have to set the input levels of the seperate undertones with some care (read the manual or watch a video), but after that it's bass heaven.
  • bx_subsynth

    by Dan Corkery
    They say on the bx_subsynth product page this is "..the Holy Grail for bass fanatics" and that is very possibly true, as this little gem instantly adds a lot of "oomph" to the low end of a mix.
    But don't be fooled into thinking this is just another's not. bx_subsynth works wonders, regardless of musical genre..on either your master bus or on individual tracks.
    On individual tracks, it brings the bass end to life in a very clear and clean way, that really translates well on playback, but when placed on the Master bus, it can really make your over-all mix shine like nothing I've encountered before.
    The included presets make good jumping-off points to start with, but if you invest a little time playing with the various easy-to-use dials, you'll find bx_subsynth will add that something to the harmonics of your music that it may be lacking.
    I give it 5 stars without hesitation..and it's now one of my "go-to" plugins, that will be used on every mix I produce in future.
    Great work, Brainworx..thanks, you guys must really be proud!