Customer Reviews

  • Great plugin for bass

    by Subsynth
    Add more nice groove at some bass frequency and nice feature harmonic.
  • Bx Sub Synth Great Tool

    by MrB
    Yes I have wait a little for decide buy this tool, and after all I wasnt disappointed,great and very usual in many situation.Thank you Brainworx for such great audio tool.
  • bx_subsynth

    by MSmusicStuff
    the sub synth is incredible at making your kick or bass huge and tight sounding! I haven't had it so long yet, but I already know it's probably going to be used on almost every project.
  • Great Tool for bass!!

    by Musician B.
    It is fantastic tool for enhance and add bass in all music. Thanks Brainworx!!!
  • bx_subsynth

    by TK
    Love it. Had a project that we could not change key on due to vocal
    range restrictions. The synth bass was too thin and high in this key, and too muddy when dropped an octave. We kept the synth in the higher octave, added the subsynth, and it worked beautifully, adding
    just the right amount of bottom. It's great that you can dial in the specific frequencies that you need.
  • Very nice!

    by styxxs2004
    This plugin gives you that enhanced low end without sounding boomy. It's a real help.
  • Solid Bass Enforcer

    by Green Room
    Loving the bx subsynth for dialing in low end on keyboard parts or even a secondary kick in the 50hz area. As expected from PA, really great sound and super quick results - it’s starting to show up in most tracks.
  • great tool for many thing!

    by teen wei
    great tool for many thing!
    i love it !
  • Like it

    by Ivochkin
    Like this plugin very much. Filtering ultra-sub frequencies with it without loosing low-end information, adding a little bit of weight and voila, you're done!
  • Better than expected!

    by Cliburn M. Solano
    With the bx_subsynth, the bass part sounds so much richer. The listener is not just limited to hearing it. This makes the listener feel the bass because it gives that extra oomph in low-end. Another fantastic sound quality and plug-in from Plugin Alliance!