Customer Reviews

  • More features than you think

    by Michael
    This deceptively powerful processor does more than it says on the tin! While there's several other products that add harmonics above the signal you feed it to make bass more audible on small systems, the bx_subsynth goes the other way and creates thickness and weight below the audio that you feed it.
    When done well, the result melds into the original sound like it belongs there. Only when you activate bypass and all the weight falls away do you realise how much you've added.
    Beyond this there's a saturation circuit that toughens up the sound if you need it, as well as an M/S matrix that lets you blow out the stereo width while simultaneously keeping the low frequencies mono'd if that's what you need.
    There's also a HPF with a resonant bump so you can focus the bottom end you're creating while at the same time, filtering out everything below that which you don't need.
    On the whole, the bx_subsynth brings a whole lot to the table, well beyond the DBX 120A that it partially emulates.
  • bx_subsynth

    by Pino Pischetola
    by the way it generates Sub Harmonics, bx_subsynth is the closest thing to a real DBX120 that I can't think of. The useful M/S processing and the cool EDGE section add even more to all the features .
    Thumbs up to Brainworx for another great plug in
  • bx_subsynth

    by chrisz
    I really like this plug. I use it on Kick and bass. I love how i can tighten up the kick using the Filter section. Dial in a little Tight Punch and you can really clean up the low end on a kick. I also was able to add a low oct to a Rhodes part that i purposely left the lower part out. i got a perfect clean low oct. Very cool.
    All in all. Very easy to use and well thought out. Great job
  • Pretty Impressive!

    by Brett
    This is without a doubt the best sub harmonic generator on the market (at least from the ones I've tried (Waves, UAudio...). I would give it a 5 if only there was an option to listen only to the generated signal (for better shaping (lots of in depth possibilities) or even for parallel processing), but sound-wise it's very usable and found its way on many of my mixes already (on kicks, bass, some weak toms and more surprisingly on some vocals as well to add them a feeling of chest they were lacking). As with anything though, be careful, it's a dangerous tool as it's so easy to go overboard with it.
  • bx_subsynth

    by Rick Veneer
    There are quite a few bass enhancers around, but nothing else has the control, depth, power and features of this plugin. Not just earth shattering bottom end, but versatile saturation and stereo imaging included. The very best of it's breed.
  • bx_subsynth

    by Marco Forni
    Amazing Plugin !!
    A great shaping tool to fill your sound with the "missing bit" that makes it just perfect.
    It delivers body and warmth to every source. Fantastic on Synths.
    Love it.
  • The Beast... has arrived!

    by Chris Landon
    The bx_subsynth is a “must have” tool for every engineer. The plugin’s powerful controls will give any of your mixes super tight monstrous low end and that’s just the beginning. Clean sounding and easy to dial into. Give it a whirl… you won’t be sorry! bx_subsynth rules!
  • bx_subsynth

    by Geoff McGahan
    So much better than a DBX120! Brainworx have incorporated a great range of controls to completely tailor your sound, in ways that you couldn't in other sub-synth generators. Easy to use without delving into these features, but add MS matrix and the real possibilities open up.
  • bx-subsynth

    by GDS
    This thing is a beast! Much more useable control than any other sub generator I know of. Congratulations on a fantastic release!
  • bx_subsynth

    by lurojas
    Being in New Orleans recording jazz and brass bands one would think I would never have a need for something to accentuate sub harmonics. But, recently I was working with a brass band. Everything was tracked live in one room. So, I only had 3 microphones setup on the drum kit......trying to keep things minimal and sounding like a traditional brass / jazz recording. The drummer had a very light foot on his kick drum. The song really called for more energy and more punch that we just weren't getting. Willing to experiment and try something new, I put the bx_subsynth on my drum bus. And, it worked like magic! Subtlety is king with this plugin. It proved to me that this device can work in any genre of material. I highly recommend experimenting with the bx_subsynth on different sources. Kick drum, synths, drum bus, mix bus, horn sections, tuba, etc. I am looking forward to my next experiment with this plugin!