Customer Reviews

  • Incredibly useful tool

    by Eric @ LBR
    I had expected the bx_subsynth to be sort of a one-trick pony to fatten bass synths, however, it has turned out to be an incredibly useful tool in sculpting the low end of my mixes -- adding consistency to the foundation at subtle settings, and incredible bite at more extreme settings.
  • Very effective!

    by diogo_c
    There are other "sub enhancers" out there, but none as powerful and flexible as this one.
  • bx_subsynth

    by kj.metissage
    Let's face it, this plugin is like a secret weapon.
    When you think all is lost and you'll never be able to get that deep low end on the track you're working on...
    Think again ! Because there are great chances that bx_subsynth is the only solution.
    The tweakability of this plugin makes it perfect to add the right amount of fatness you were missing. With the included "Edge" section and the well fought "Filter", you're good to tackle any situation.
  • bx_subsynth

    by Andre Dupke
    The bx_subsynth enhances the low and in a musical way, no other device doas without affecting the high end. It´s my new "must have" for optimizing the low end and archiving a sub sound, that has a deep emotional impact. Thank you BX, another must have and another "how could I ever mixed before without" device!
  • Subsynth

    by Bob Scott
    I'm loving this guy - and I already have a few similar plug ins..
    I love bass.
    This one is by far the most controllable - it dosn't just generate huge bass farts - It's a much more nuanced and can be really tight and transparent, as well as huge when it needs to be.
    It's a complex beast and rewards tweaking.
    I'd love to be able to solo the generated sound though.. that doesn't seem to be possible. (for feeding to Lfe, or running on a send)
  • BX SubSynth

    by MixedbyMe
    The perfect tool for adding girth and substance to weak tracks. Used as an aux bus and feeding almost every instrument to in in very small quantities helps thicken up what would otherwise be a weak recording. I deal with whatever material is sent and as such have had to become adept in track augmentation, over the years I have used a full chain of plugins to achieve the instant gratification that BX SubSynth deliver effortlessly. A must have tool in the arsenal of every professional and novice alike.
  • Best Sub-oscillator Bar None

    I own all sub plugins available on the market. This is the best one for sub-bass synthesis by far. If your music lacks booty, look no further.
  • bx_subsynth - Low End Done Right!

    by James Mullen
    Downloaded the demo, put it on a few test tracks, and this thing just K.I.L.L.S. on so many sources.
    Drums: awesome
    Male Vocals: yeah
    Synth bass: absolutely
    Gun shots & explosions: holy cow
    You get my point... I just love it!
    Brainworx, you guys rawk!