Customer Reviews

  • BX Subsynth

    by ToK
    After decades of trying to get my junior engineers to accept the importance of HP Filters to control the bottom end in their mixes (and Masters) here comes a wonderful tool that spells the rules out loud and clear. Reminiscent of some older hardware but with more detailed control the Subsynth is an excellent way to filter the "unmusical" super-subs but focus and drive the punchy ones that give a mix or a master the all important foundation to sit upon. Wonderful to use pre-final limiting to ensure the frequencies beneath 40Hz are not the culprits for triggering your gain reduction.
    Oh...and the price? That's a No Brainer. ToKwerX loves Brainworx.
  • good

    by good
    aint say nothing, cuz it is very very good
  • BX SubSynth

    by Natemasterflex
    This thing is great! I don't do much mixing with it, but it's great for sound design and getting that little (or a lot) of extra oomph that it needs. Has great potential for all types of genres. It will definitely be a staple in my studio fo the foreseeable future.
  • Sub is In Your Hands (or ears)

    by Masterdesk: clear loudness and image
    I found it to be a very versatile and precise tool. It's easy to use, have several parameters /controls to adjust it as you like. It really can save you time and being a great friend. The only complain I have is a plus: It could have a bit extension in the frequency range.. up to 250, but then we're talking about bass and not sub anymore ;)
  • Subsynth so awesome

    by Nais
    Now much easier doing a sound design. Thank you Team!
  • Smoother low end on the master

    by DJ Groophz
    Currently it is part of the master chain to shape the low end. Works excellent with HG-2.
  • bx_subsynth

    by timirjan@yandex
    Good plugins!!!
  • Amazing!

    by Machine City Audio
    If you're a fan of the bx_subfilter then this is a must have ! The way you can transform your drums & synths are a game changer....if you want bass & kicks that shakes your speakers then this your plugin.
  • just a required sub synth

    by Niels Dettenbach
    With different sub synths i've worked a lot - in mixing, sound design and even in mastering - in the past and was not aware why i "just need another one" in my still large toolchain. But this thing is of his own - it allows me (with surgical precision) to sculpt and dial into the right sub sound / signal by parameters not accessible in other products while having a sound which "works". Sometimes i use it stacked with another sub synth to sculpt "two sub areas" in parallel or to get even more complex bass / sub tasks done. Nice thing ß)
  • WOW Subsynth

    by grazianova
    WOW Subsynth for Updats pleas Integration a Gate of Releas Time the Sub-Signal
    Cool Stuff