Customer Reviews

  • MUST have.., Trust that

    by SmoothMIRROR
    Easy to use colorful and pretty warm mix bus pearl .. ;)
    Love it on the low end of drums and beautiful to beat the boxiness out of digital samples..
    TE - 100 ? - one of my favorite forces to F**** with my Drum Bus
    don't believe ? just take a test ride ..
    greetings from Germany
    manufactory RECORDS
    - ONE
  • Where are my socks? TE-100 blew them off!

    I'm not easy to impress when it comes to EQs. I constantly do shootouts among the best EQs for mastering and mixing applications. It's hard to find good ones that eliminate the mundane flatness of digital sources. I need EQs that can add character while still offering accurate control over the spectrum. My favorite EQs are bx_console, Nomad PulseTech, Elysia Museq, PSP E27, and Voxengo Gliss. They each play a vital role for different issues, often in particular combinations. But I can hear, just playing with the TE-100 on the master buss, that it will be a permanent fixture in my mastering chain and get a ton of use in mixes as well. Its saturation and character are stunning. I have to say, given the quality of the aforementioned EQs, the TE-100 is absolutely remarkable. I can't imagine making music without it after hearing and using it. Well done, Lindell Audio!